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What its all about...


I sustained a brain injury over 8 years ago  and during the years that have passed by I have learnt a lot along the way.  The first 3 – 4 years were incredibly difficult so I have put together a website with information that would have been a godsend to me at that time.  I have focused on the aspects of life after a brain injury that are so hard to explain and understand, and outside of more normal human emotions that everyone has.  I have conducted hundreds of hours and research and applied this to my own experiences, I truly believe that the more you can understand about what you are experiencing, and why, the better your chances of moving forward.



Helping Your Family and Friends Understand


A lot of the feedback I have had about the site has been about how helpful it has been for relationships with family and friends.  When you are caught up in it its so hard to explain what you are going through to others so reading this site seems to help loved ones a lot in understanding the process and reasons behind it, one lady commented that the site had 'given her son a voice'.


Using the Site


The site is designed for the pages to be read in the order which they appear above so please make your way through the pages from left to right.  I really hope Finding the P0sitives is of some use to you.


Many thanks for visiting Finding the Positives.  This website is written for people who have had a brain/head injury and are generally physically and cognitively OK but finding it diificiult to understand, and cope with, the psychological challenges they now have to face.